So you want to know about damp

You've probably already read lots of conflicting information on the internet about curing damp – and whether your damp even exists. If so, you must now be feeling thoroughly confused.

Your search for answers may have been triggered by damp proofing that hasn't worked – despite coming with an impressive guarantee. Or you may have simply lost confidence in the 'professionals' who either said you had a damp problem you weren't aware of, or who came round to quote for curing it.

To help you cut through the confusing mumbo jumbo, I have put together some straightforward guides to explain what damp is, how it arises and how to resolve it. You can read these guides for free on this website.

The information you will find in my free guides has been distilled from a combination of my own findings from damp investigations over the years, and scientific papers produced by various independent researchers from around the world. The guides will tell you all you need to resolve simple damp problems yourself or with the aid of your local builder.

After reading my free guides, if you want further advice with a proper investigation into a damp problem in a listed or period house, go to the ''Discuss my Damp'' page to ring me or arrange a chat about your damp.

My ‘damp journey’

My journey into damp diagnostics started in the late 1970's when I undertook conventional training as a surveyor with established local firms of Chartered Surveyors. During this time I was taught all the standard accepted wisdom about recognising, diagnosing and resolving damp. However, when it became apparent the remedies insisted upon by my mentors didn't work (not to mention personal experience of a failed guarantee claim for damp proofing that didn't work), I began to question the whole ethos and accepted wisdom surrounding damp.

Since then, and particularly since 2015 as high quality specialist measuring equipment has become available, I have developed my own methodology to determine the true nature of dampness in buildings. By combining my own findings with those of various specialist scientific researchers working in universities around the world, I have found it is now possible to finally explain the true reasons for dampness and more importantly, devise scientifically sound remedies and controls.

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