Many people refer to a 'damp problem' for both condensation and true damp. It is important to know what you really have though. Condensation and true damp are radically different as the following table shows.

Condensation True Damp
Typically shows up as black patches caused by mildew. Patches are often well defined by brown staining.
Curtains, soft furnishings and clothes may smell musty. Plaster may 'bubble' and get a powdery surface.
If left untreated, can be harmful to human health. Totally harmless to humans.
Apart from surface decorations, harmless to your house. If left untreated, can eventually endanger the structure of your house.
Often made worse by common advice and doesn't usually require any building work. Cause is nearly always misdiagnosed resulting in expensive and incorrect treatments that hide the problem while making it worse.

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